Canyon Coffee Roasters was founded in 2005 with a simple but dedicated purpose: to fairly source, roast and brew an excellent cup of coffee.

Today, the Canyon Coffee Roasters team works tirelessly to deliver the excellence and consistency our customers have come to expect. While ensuring fairness throughout the supply chain by maintaining positive relationships with farmers and importers, we strive to develop and roast coffee for your journey, wherever that takes you.



Our Process

Canyon Coffee Roasters uses a Diedrich IR-7, which leverages infrared roasting technology to help coffee artisans achieve consistency and precision in every batch. To compliment this process, we roast in frequent small batches to maximize flavor and freshness for each individual customer.

Drum Roasting

There are two primary ways of roasting coffee, drum roasting and fluid bed roasting. While each of these roasting styles have their benefits, we believe firmly in a drum roaster's ability to craft the perfect, full-bodied cup of coffee.

A drum roaster has a rotating drum in the center with a heat source below, heating the drum from the outside. Panels within the drum agitate the coffee beans in order to avoid prolonged contact with the hot metal. Diedrich builds their roasters with a proprietary heat source they call infrared roasting technology, creating a more efficient, environmentally conscious roaster, also allowing greater precision through the roasting process.

By taking advantage of roasting technology and carefully selecting our single-origin coffee beans, Canyon Coffee Roasters works tirelessly to craft the perfect cup of coffee.